Summer Stay

by little xs for eyes



If there is a summer in recent memory that needed convincing to stick around, not hang up its hat, to continue bathing us in its sweet rays, it has been that of 2013. As its twilight commences we need a sun dance, an entreaty to this season that has brought us the sun-drenched memories that have and will live in our hearts from the break of autumn until the spring finally recedes. To that end, we, little xs for eyes, give you Summer Stay – a paean to the sweetest of atmospheric spells. Enjoy!

First single from the forthcoming sophomore album, to be released early 2014.

It’s unlikely that an independent alt pop group have any power over the changing of the seasons, but if it’ll buy us a few extra hours of sun, we’re happy to play ‘Summer Stay’, the dreamy new single from Dublin sixsome little xs for eyes on a loop until October. Built around swooning synths and the twee vocal stylings of Bennie Reilly, it’s a perfect mantra for courting the weatherman, but it’ll also be handy come wintertime, when we’re all trying to remember what a blue sky looks like.
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little xs for eyes chose a good weather day to release a song to convince the summer to stick around for a bit longer. They’ve shown they are seasonal creatures. Their debut album was called S.A.D. and the first track was ‘Summer Never Comes’ so it’s no surprise that they’re back at it again ... it’s a noble cause.

A pitch-perfect piece of pop composition the track glides and shimmers its way out of the speakers with a real sense of jubilation. Setting the tone for the piece is a gloriously ambient introduction, softly fading into focus with elements of found-sound and swirling synth textures.
The subtle beginning is instantly followed by little xs for eyes sublime pop aesthetic. Melodically rich bass lines, syncopated guitar riffs and grooving up-beat percussion sway and evolve creating an all-encompassing spectrum of sound. Pushing back and forth ‘Summer Stay’ highlight’s the group’s ability to create an engrossing sonic vista that yields fresh surprises with each listen.
At the centre of this musically vibrant recording is the lead vocal. An enchantingly performed melody delivers the picturesque expressionism of the song’s lyrics. Painting aural images of the expectation and elation of its seasonal subject matter, the vocal sits beautifully among the moving elements of the backing track.
‘Summer Stay’ establishes the song-writing talents of little xs for eyes with a palpable sense of artistic direction and intent. Joyously opulent in its musical palette the single is perfect in its compositional structure. {Stephen White} Download of the Week

The single comes with a truly beautiful, must-hear b’side too – a slick (and sick!) cover version of the ridiculously excellent 80′s hit Bette Davis Eyes
No More Workhorse

...a joyous ode to the sun and summer, obviously, with Bennie pleading for autumn to just stay away for another little bit.
The Point of Everything

There are songs are instantly capture the mood of the time of the year but this beautiful bit of synth joy goes well beyond just doing that. Elegantly epitomising our growing dread as the greyness of Autumn approaches, the track breezes effortlessly across perfect harmonies as it unleashes a pop soaked war on the autumnal season.
The track’s sublime combination of folk pop and indie-electro somehow still inspires on our faces even if this song hails in the end of summer.
The Absolute Free For All


released August 7, 2013

B. Reilly, 2013
Produced by Harry Bookless, Bennie Reilly & Davey Moor
Engineered & mixed by Harry Bookless
Drums recorded by Eoin Bailey
Mastered by Aidan Foley at MasterLabs



all rights reserved


little xs for eyes Leinster, Ireland

little xs' music tells of tragic heroes, failed lovers, empty dance floors & the unchanging seasons, taking place on trains, boats, wrestling rings & the inevitable long walk home.

Officially our favourite Irish pop band -

the most deliciously sweet hues of bitter you could possibly taste - Irish Independent

genuinely swoonsome folk-pop melodies - Irish Times
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